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Weasel on brush and rock. Photo by IN DNR,

MyDNR, Indiana’s Outdoor Newsletter-Help the DNR by Reporting a Mammal: Did you get something unusual on a trail camera and want to share it to help wildlife in Indiana? DNR has launched a new Report a Mammal page. We are asking for the public’s help to submit sightings to the new online report form. Report a Mammal includes animals like armadillos, badgers, gray foxes, flying squirrels, star-nosed moles, ground squirrels, weasels, and more.

Indiana DNR offers a new, easier way to submit a report for the mammal, no password required. The report form also includes species at risk of declining and Species of Greatest Conservation Need, along with an area to submit a photo or brief video to help document the observation. Media of the animal observed would be most useful, though DNR biologists can examine evidence left by the mammal too (tracks, scat, or other signs). Completion of this form is voluntary. Data submitted may be shared within DNR and partners with the discretion of DNR staff. Personal information will be used to process your observation and may also be used for participation in surveys and other secondary purposes. DNR staff will only respond to reports if more information is needed.

To view what to report and for identification tips see: Full article > > >

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