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bobcat​There has been an increase in bobcat sightings throughout central Indiana, namely Hamilton County, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Bobcats are not dangerous to the public, but beware of them while driving as there have been more “roadkill” cases involving these nocturnal animals. While bobcats were endangered from 1969 to 2005, they are no longer due to their growing population. However, it is still illegal to hunt or trap them in Indiana. Bobcats are also moving south as more males of this species need to find territory of their own. They feed on small animals like rats, mice, moles and squirrels. View the related articles below for more information.

Rebounding Bobcats Showing Up In Central Indiana,
Bobcat Sightings On Rise In Hamilton County, elsewhere
Bobcat, Indiana DNR

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

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