Chandler Terrell Brings Focus to His Well-Being at Purdue

Chandler Terrell headshot

Chandler Terrell, a junior studying construction management (pre-law) with a minor in political science, has developed his sense of well-being at Purdue. A fierce lover of outdoor water sports such as wake surfing and boating, Chandler has turned to popular alternatives such as the NFL, college football and basketball to help while waiting for the weather to warm back up. 

When asked how Chandler works to create an impact, he said that he focuses on his work as president of his fraternity, Sigma Nu. Chandler became president as a sophomore and quickly learned that this role had the power to empower others. He enjoys answering questions and providing guidance to his fraternity brothers, especially those who have just arrived on campus. Understanding that some of those whom he mentors are only a few years younger than him, Chandler says there is much to learn for new students navigating their new life at Purdue. 

When he first obtained his role as president, Chandler found that the funds the house had raised for philanthropy in the past were not up to the standard he thought the fraternity could achieve. This inspired him to focus on increasing these efforts to spark his housemates’ involvement and buy-in. Chandler found that the key to this was to find a good cause that everyone was passionate about. His fraternity brothers all agreed that raising funds for the American Heart Association is what spoke to them and with this in mind, Sigma Nu increased their fundraising efforts by 1000%.  

Chandler wanted to continue to build upon his leadership and development skills. To accomplish this, he sought positions he knew had this potential. He said that as soon as he stepped foot on campus, he jumped into a leadership role by working on Sigma Nu’s recruitment efforts. Chandler says that when he started this role, there were only 60 members in his house. Now, two years later, there are more than 120! He says it is all about asking questions and figuring it out as he goes. Learning is a lifelong journey.

Don’t be shy and share what you know,” Chandler advises. “Lean on your strengths and, where you find weakness, seek that in others. This has been critical in developing me as a leader.

Chandler says to plan things out, discipline yourself and set a schedule to succeed academically. He firmly believes in continuously looking ahead and preparing yourself for what’s next. On the flip side, he says it is important to set time for yourself to be with other people. There is time for schoolwork, but there should always be time to spend with others as well.   

Chandler reflects on his love for watersports and the memories he had growing up on a lake with his family. Now that he is in college, he tries to inspire that sense of well-being in others. He says his favorite memories at Purdue come from when he took the time to reach out. Chandler says that this can be done by something as simple as going to the gym and connecting with old friends - even if it is only for 20 minutes, Chandler says it is important to get out of your room and seek connection with others.   

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