Procurement Services Auxiliary Services

Special Purchases

There may be situations that occur which require that the competitive bidding process is not utilized. These purchases are referred to as special purchases.

Purchases Under $10,000

On purchases of $9,999 or less, the delegate must document the required business justification on the Special Purchases Form (pdf) and retain it in the delegate’s procurement file. A solicitation process or pre-approval by Procurement Services is not required. The delegate may negotiate deliverables, but Procurement Services must approve the terms and conditions before signing the contract.

Purchases Over $10,000

Purchases over $10,000 require Procurement Services pre-approval. The Quote Process for Purchase Over $10,000 provides an overview of the workflow for requests over $10,000 sent to Procurement Services. Procurement Services has authority to approve or deny waiving the competitive process.

The delegate must attach a completed  Special Purchases Form (pdf) to the Request for Purchases $10,000 and Over form and submit the forms to Procurement Services.

If there are issues accessing the Request for Purchases $10,000 and Over form, please follow these instructions to gain access.