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Ariba Invoicing Instructions

There are two options available for submitting e-invoices through Ariba. A short description for each is included below. Option 1 (online invoicing) is the most common method and is already enabled with any supplier that receives an Ariba purchase order (PO) on behalf of Purdue.

Option 1: Online invoicing — Suppliers log into their account, identify a PO to invoice and click "process invoice." This will create the invoice and allow the supplier to review the pre-populated information before submitting it. The invoice will send automatically to the buyer’s Ariba P2P system through the Ariba Network.

Option 2: Integration — Allows the supplier to automate processes like POs and invoice data entry. The integration option is contingent on the supplier’s technological ability/capability. Typically, there is some form of cXML or EDI integration so that invoices send electronically to Purdue through the Ariba network. Suppliers can specify Online, cXML or EDI as their default routing method for invoices.

  • Remittance ID: When submitting an e-invoice, you will be asked to enter a remittance ID number. This number ensures payment will be submitted to the correct address based on your supplier record with Purdue.
  • Contact to obtain your 21-digit remittance ID number.

Ariba Resources 

Questions should be submitted through Ariba Supplier Support.