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The following guidelines apply to transaction reconciliation for the Research Card (RCard):

  • The cardholder is ultimately responsible for the reconciliation of all charges, but a delegate from the cardholder's procurement center will be assigned to assist with this process.
  • Reconciliation of the transactions will take place in Concur.
  • Receipts are always REQUIRED and need to be attached, in addition to the purpose/description.
    • All documentation must be uploaded to Concur, either by uploading through the Concur app or submitting to the area's procurement center for the assigned delegate to upload on the cardholder's behalf.
    • The cardholder needs to submit the business purpose and account to which the charge should be reconciled to their procurement center through email.
  • Proper documentation will need to be included/attached to the transaction to verify allowability, allocability and reasonableness related to the funding source.
    • If documentation/receipt is not provided, the delegate/reconciler will initiate an escalation process. Delayed reconciliations may result in transactions being charged to the discretionary account that is identified in the agreement or marked as personal for payroll deduction.
  • All research procurement transactions are required to be reconciled between the 9th and the 20th of the month.

A video for delegates about the reconciliation process is available to view. Additionally, Quick Reference Guides for completing RCard reconciliation using Company Billed Statements are available for reconcilers/delegates and approvers.