Procurement Services Auxiliary Services

Laboratory Supplies and Gases

This includes general lab supplies, lab equipment and lab startup packages. There are no shipping costs, and deliveries are made daily to the West Lafayette campus.

General Lab Supplies and Equipment

Fisher Scientific

Value Added Services Team (VAST)
Phone: 866-884-2020
Fax: 866-843-9603

For product issues, contact:

Nick Schetzsle, Sales Representative
Mobile: 317-413-8747

For your convenience, Fisher also provides two on-site store locations on the West Lafayette campus:

Locations: Lilly Hall and Wetherill Hall
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Closed 12-1 p.m.)
Contact: Shawn Branz

The department's account number will be required to complete the purchase process for tracking and billing purposes.

If you cannot locate your supply item in the Fisher catalog the below catalogs are available.  

  • Life Technologies
  • VWR
browse-only online catalog is available. Orders may not be placed from this site. The Ariba catalog must be used to place your order. When searching the catalog, be sure to look for items with the best value and contract icons to optimize savings. Visit the Fisher Scientific site to register. For detailed instructions, please review the Fisher Scientific Browse-Only Online Catalog QRG.

Gas Cylinders

Indiana Oxygen is Purdue’s contracted supplier for gas cylinders for both stock gases and custom blended specialized gases. Deliveries and cylinder pick-ups are made daily to the West Lafayette campus.

Indiana Oxygen

Coty Powell, Purdue Accounts Manager

Becky Born, Sales Representative