Procurement Services Auxiliary Services

Printers and Supporting Equipment

Includes multifunctional printers, copiers, fax and scanner devices, including supporting toner and ink cartridges.

Each new multifunctional device that is purchased from Cannon IV will automatically have a cost-per-page maintenance program added to the machine. This feature includes costs for labor, parts, maintenance kits and toner. Charges are based on the actual volume or usage of each device and will be invoiced quarterly. As part of this program, toner levels will be monitored by Cannon IV, and toner will be auto-shipped prior to needing to be replaced.

Print Assessments

Departments can request a free assessment of existing printing and imaging infrastructure to evaluate the current functionality and usability of all departmental devices. Cannon IV will assess the usage of each device, identify technical and productivity needs of the department based on the existing document workflow and evaluate additional cost saving opportunities. Requests can be made by emailing

A print assessment is highly encouraged if a department has not already been through the process with Cannon IV. Assessments do not need to be done with every purchase, but should be current to office floor plan/occupancy or performed prior to an office move, or after remote work has started.


  1. Complete the request questionnaire.
  2. The request will be automatically sent to Cannon IV.
  3. Cannon IV will respond within 48 hours – if no response is received or there are additional questions, Cannon IV can be contacted at or 317-803-7499.
  4. When you are ready to place an order for a device, utilize the quick quote feature in the Cannon IV Ariba catalog and enter the quote number you were provided.

Equipment Disposal

  1. Departments should have Cannon IV pick up and remove decommissioned printing and imaging devices for free by submitting the Property Accounting Form in SAP.
  2. Once approvals are in place, the customer will provide Cannon IV with confirmation that the device is ready to be recycled. The property accounting form must be approved and attached to the device or Cannon IV cannot remove the device from campus.
  3. Cannon IV will remove the hard drive from the device on location.
  4. The department needs to pack the hard drive in either a small box or padded envelope addressed to Purdue Surplus. Put it in campus mail to be delivered to Surplus. After Surplus receives the hard drive, they will destroy it following our IT Electronic Media Disposal Procedure.

A quick reference guide on the overall removal process is also available.

Toner and Ink Cartridges

Cannon IV guarantees the Premier brand toner and is responsible for any device that has a service issue due to the Premier toner. Toner orders placed in Cannon IV’s Ariba catalog before 2 p.m. (ET) should deliver the next day. Standard shipping is included.

High-yield toner should be purchased when available. High-yield toner means you get more pages printed from one cartridge, which provides a lower per page cost to print. High-yield toner can be identified by the suffix at the end of the part number:

  • Extra is identified with the suffix “X”
  • Jumbo is identified with suffix “J”
  • Extra Jumbo is identified with suffix “XJ”

When ordering Hewlett Packard (HP) toner the part #’s identify the toner cartridge yield. Example of HP part # format:

  • CE250A – The “A” identifies standard yield
  • CE250X – The “X” identifies extra yield

Always search using the HP part # minus the last alpha(s) (Example: CE250) to easily find the item(s) you need. Cannon IV’s catalog will provide only the most cost-effective toner

Recycling cartridges: HP includes return labels with its new toners so they can be returned directly for recycling; or empty HP Premier Toner cartridges can be sent to MMDC for recycling.


To obtain service from Cannon IV, contact Technicians are available Monday through Friday.