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Tent and Party Rentals

Event Planning

Outdoor Space

Before you begin planning an outdoor event that will require the use of campus space, please refer to the Purdue Memorial Union's website for additional information.


  • Quote requests for tents must be submitted at least four weeks before the event date. Quote requests without tents must be submitted at least two weeks before the event date.
  • Student organizations must complete an Activity Planning Form through BoilerLink at least two weeks before an event.

Emergency Planning/Weather

Review and complete the Special Event Emergency Planning Checklist (PDF). Tents are not permitted during inclement weather.

Event Support and Service Requests

If you have questions while trying to place your work notification, please contact the Work Request Center at 765-494-9999 or from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Please use one of the appropriate systems, including SAP GUI, the Fix It portal or EvoNotify, if your event requires one or more of the following services:

  • Electricity; extension cords or use of a rented generator
  • Exit signs
  • Fire extinguishers
  • General furniture rentals, i.e. 8'x30" white folding tables; black, metal and plastic chairs
  • General labor, e.g. setting up tables/chairs 
  • No smoking placards/signs
  • Trash (refuse) and recycling container delivery and pick up
  • Utility locates for tent stakes penetrating soil
  • WiFi, other technology

Work orders and funding are required for the provision of these services. Work order requests should be entered by the requester using one of the systems listed above. The Work Request Center then turns notifications from those systems into official work orders. The center then sends work orders to the correct department with the requested dates.  

Rental Pricing/Quotes

For a complete list of pricing and miscellaneous labor fees, please refer to the Rental Partners Pricing Guide (PDF). The full online catalogs are available from Purdue's rental partners on each website:

When reserving the items requested, the customer is agreeing to and acknowledges the quote verbiage and pricing as outlined.


The price of the tent as quoted is for the tent only; no accessories such as walls, lighting, tables and chairs are included in the tent rental rate. Customers must request these items to be quoted.

The price of the tent reflects the tent being staked in the grass. Tents that need to be erected on concrete will require specialized ballasting and will cost extra. Rental Partners Pricing Guide (PDF).

If the tent is going to be placed on another surface, please let the rental partner know so they can recommend the tent that is going to best serve your event.

Any form of heating source or cooking equipment are not permitted inside tents and must comply with all Indiana fire codes to be used externally in the tent's proximity.

Customers need to allow the rental partner ample time (a minimum of two weeks prior to the event) to schedule Indiana 811 and Purdue's Energy and Utilities department to identify and mark underground utility lines before tent delivery and installation can take place. Please provide your event timeframe to rental partner at least four weeks before the event date.

Tables and Chairs

It is highly recommended that all Purdue customers request extra tables and chairs to be on hand at the event site, but not set up unless the event attendance grows within the final days of the event date. These tables and chairs may be left folded up/stacked and out of the way if not needed. This prevents incurring extra costs for additional quantities needed at the last minute.

To ensure the best pricing, customers should consider the quantity of tables and chairs needed and evaluate the "convenience pallet" quantities and prices listed in the pricing guide. Customers must ask rental partner representatives about per-pallet price discounts if delivering in bulk. Depending on quantity, the rental partner may offer better pricing if an entire pallet of tables/chairs can be delivered instead of individual items.

Deliveries, Set Ups, Tear Downs and Pick Ups

  • Rental partner delivery teams operate Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    • Delivery and pick up dates and times are approximate and at the discretion of the rental partner's delivery department. Tents must be delivered 1-2 days before the event.
    • Specific or on-time deliveries/narrow delivery windows will require an additional one-time surcharge. Rental Partners Pricing Guide (PDF).
    • Weekend deliveries and pick ups require additional fees. Rental Partners Pricing Guide (PDF).
  • Delivery and pick up fees are charged separately from the price of tent fees. Rental Partners Pricing Guide (PDF).
    • Delivery and pick up charges do not include set up and tear down of rental items, i.e., tables and chairs.
    • Set up and tear down services are at the customer’s request. Please request these services during the quote and reservation process. Rental Partners Pricing Guide (PDF) for labor charges.
  • Delivery and pick up charges include curbside drop off and pick up. The rental partner's delivery charge covers a tailgate drop off and pick up of all items unless other labor/services are purchased. This covers the rental partner being able to back up to a door, loading dock, or tent set up location. 
    • Rentals that must be carried into buildings, long distances, up flights of stairs, ramps, etc. will be subject to carry fees. Contact the rental partner in advance if you have questions about this as it relates to your event and delivery logistics.
    • To ensure fast and safe delivery/pick up, rental partner delivery trucks need to be able to park next to the desired set up location. A labor/carry charge will be added to the statement if the delivery crew cannot park next to the location to load or unload rented items. Charges will vary based on how far away the crew is forced to park away from the event site.
  • For pick up/return, rental items need to be stacked, stored and returned in the manner they were received at the time of the delivery. Items should be placed in the same location they were delivered. Failure to do so may result in extra charges.
  • Tent canopies are not guaranteed to protect against rain.

Deposits, Cancellations and Invoices

  • Deposit fees act as a cancellation fee of reservations unless otherwise specified.
  • The customer acknowledges that changes to event reservations are not permissible the week of delivery.
  • The customer acknowledges that any requested event changes made within two weeks of the delivery date will incur steep penalties. Refer to the pricing guide.
  • Tent cancellation fees will be the following percent of the cost per tent:
    • 45 days, 20% fee
    • 30 days or less, 40% fee
  • After receiving a quote and confirming services with a rental partner, the customer should issue a Purchase Order (PO) through Ariba. The PO should match exactly what was provided on the quote. The rental partner will send all PO invoices to Purdue’s central Accounts Payable at with the PO included directly on the invoice.
    • If an item is listed on the original PO and only the quantity has changed, the invoice can be processed using the original PO and sent to Purdue’s central Accounts Payable at
    • If an item or charge was not provided on the original PO, e.g. additional fees for damages or after-hours services are assessed or new rental equipment is requested, the rental partner must issue a separate invoice for those charges directly to the customer, not Accounts Payable. Do not include the original PO on this new invoice. Once the invoice is received, the customer will then need to initiate a request to direct pay the invoice using a ZV60 entry.

Quote Request Form

Please complete and submit the Tent and Party Rentals Quote Request Form after you have carefully read the information above. 

After submitting the form above, you will receive quotes through email from both American Tool and Party Rental and Midwest Rentals within 2-3 business days.

Rental Contacts

Questions about rentals may be directed to Purdue's rental partners:

American Tool and Party Rental

Heather Johnson
Michele Newburn

888-453-6020 ext. 2
765-453-6020 ext. 2

Midwest Rentals

Toni Lambka

765-423-5543 ext. 2

After-hours: 765-423-5543 ext. 3

  • Call the Midwest Rentals after-hours hotline for assistance with any issues before the event. Be sure to leave a voicemail with a phone number to call back. No billing adjustments will be made if Midwest Rentals is not aware of issues until after the event.