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Amazon Business

Amazon Business is an approved method to purchase non-contracted items allowing Purdue to take advantage of Amazon’s wide product selection and competitive prices. It should only be used if a department cannot find the same product in one of the university's strategically sourced catalogs

Amazon Business has also been approved as a preferred supplier for office supplies. Shopping lists with discounted pricing are established for Purdue's most frequently purchased items and Amazon's recommended choice office supplies.        

The university’s Amazon Business account must be used for university business purposes only. All business-related expenses procured through the Amazon Business account must comply with the Purchasing Delegation Manual and other internal control procedures.

A “view only” catalog is available for employees to access Purdue special discount pricing. Orders must be submitted through the Ariba catalog as they may not be placed from the view-only catalog. To initially access this catalog, please follow the instructions below: 

  • Send a request to:
  • Title the subject line: “Access to Amazon View Only”
  • Email content must only include:
    1. Name of employee needing access
    2. Purdue email address of employee needing access
    3. Department of employee needing access
  • You will receive email communication within 24 hours  with your access and instructions.

Requests may be made on behalf of another employee needing access. Please follow steps above.

The view only catalog is only available to Purdue University employees and must be requested in this format or access will be declined.

Note: If you are prompted to log in with a password, it is because you have an existing Amazon account under your Purdue email address. This email address should only be used for your Purdue Amazon Business account. All personal Amazon accounts must be updated using a personal email address (for example:, etc.). Please notify if you require assistance.

Program benefits include the following:

  • Free two-day shipping on Prime-eligible items
  • Access to millions of additional products, available only to Amazon Business customers
  • Access to a specialized Amazon Business customer service team
  • No membership fees
  • Automatic tax-exempt purchasing on items sold by and participating third-party sellers
  • Guided buying that will direct you to Purdue's strategically sourced contracts

Seek Assistance

Amazon Business dedicated customer service is available at 866-486-2360 or online.

Please note that emails from Amazon Business may be automatically blocked and quarantined by Cisco, Purdue's email spam program. Users must proactively add Amazon Business to their safelist.

General Amazon Business questions should be directed to


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