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Catalog Orders

Catalogs are established with contracted suppliers that provide pricing, terms and discounts designed to provide the best overall value to the University. Ordering through the catalog is the fastest ordering method and should be the first choice for purchasing goods for the University.

We create savings and leverage University-wide benefits by purchasing goods and services through our contracted suppliers. Contracted catalogs are established in our e-procurement system, Ariba.

Catalogs Available

Ariba Purchasing Tips

See below for tips on purchasing through the Ariba e-procurement system.

  1. Log in to Ariba (requires BoilerKey for access).
  2. Reference Purdue’s Quick Reference Card (QRC) for Creating a Requisition.
  3. Some catalogs provide search capabilities others do not. If you are not able to search for your good/service. Follow steps C and D of the QRC on how to buy from the supplier.