Ronald Shelton, MD, FACP

Ronald Shelton


MD – Doctor of Medicine
FACP – Fellow of American College of Physicians

Educational/Fellowship History:
Indiana University Bloomington 1964-67 – AB Chemistry
IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis 1967-1971
Internal Medicine Residency 1971-1974 IUMC
Endocrinology and Metabolism Fellowship IUMC 1974-1976
Anesthesiology residency 1984-1986 IUMC, chief resident 1985-86

Professional Interests/Specializations:
My training has been diverse, but internal medicine, endocrinology and cardiology have been where I have had most of my immersion.

Length of time at CHL:
I began at the CHL in February 2018. My first clinical practice was in Cincinnati in 1976-1977. I took a position doing emergency medicine, while I pondered what I wanted to do as a career. My fellowship was chiefly research laboratory, and I was offered a position at IUMC but I was not certain that this was where I belonged. The next year I started a practice in internal medicine and endocrinology in San Jose, California. By 1984, I had realized that I enjoyed critical care more than anything else, and I returned to Indianapolis for training in anesthesia. In 1986, I joined the staff at St Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis and spent most of my years there as a cardiac anesthesiologist, retiring in May of 2017. After spending several months in retirement, I knew I needed to do something in medicine.

Why do you like working at the CHL?
I like the people I meet … the co-workers, the patients and even the drivers are more friendly!

Philosophy of Care:
I try to listen and put myself in their shoes. Then I try to explain how I understand what I think is causing their symptoms, see if they think this makes sense to them and then devise a plan for treatment. Like most providers, I know I don’t know everything, but I will try to find experts that can help if I can’t.

Fun fact about me: I have a pair of Boilermaker socks now.