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Make your health a priority

Yearly checkups and screenings aren’t always on the list of top priorities for many people, and Lynn Cornell, administrative assistant at Discovery Park Cyber Center, admittedly was among that group until recently.

“Scheduling my yearly preventive screenings was never high on my list of things to do,” Cornell said. “For several months in 2014 I just did not feel well. I knew I had missed all my preventive screenings in 2012 and 2013, so I finally decided, with the encouragement of my family, to make an appointment with my doctor.”

Several services, such as mammograms and cholesterol and blood pressure screenings fall into the preventive care category. To see what is considered preventive care for Purdue health plans, view Anthem’s preventive care flier. Keep in mind that preventive care sometimes turns into diagnostic care, such as the case with Cornell. The first step, though, is to schedule your routine screenings.

As a self-proclaimed procrastinator when it comes to yearly checkups and doctor visits, Cornell was glad she finally made the decision to make time for herself.

“Because I finally decided to schedule some preventive screenings, I believe I have saved my life,” she said.

After seeing her OB/GYN, she scheduled an ultrasound and a follow-up biopsy, along with a consult with an endocrinologist. The ultrasound showed some concerns, and the biopsy confirmed the presence of pre-cancerous cells in Cornell’s uterus. The consult with the endocrinologist led to a colonoscopy, which led to the discovery of pre-cancerous polyps in her colon. The polyps were able to be removed during the procedure.

For Cornell, the importance of being healthy and around for her family resonates with her. She wants to be able to enjoy time with her loved ones, especially her grandson Kerrigan.

“I am so thankful that I didn’t procrastinate anymore on scheduling my preventive screenings,” she said. “I encourage all of you to not procrastinate and schedule your preventive screenings for 2015 today. It may save your life.”

If you know it’s time for your annual preventive wellness checkup or have been thinking about scheduling an appointment, now’s the time. Keep in mind we have resources nearby to help. The Center for Healthy Living (CHL) offers wellness checkups to all employees and dependents covered by a Purdue health plan as well as a Tier 1 lab for any lab services needed. You can simply call 49-40111 to schedule your appointment. The Center is open for provider visits Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the lab is open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. No appointment is needed for lab services.

If your preventive screening results in the need for diagnostic testing, Castlight – the health care shopping tool – can help you find the most cost-effective locations based on your individual Purdue health plan.

Your health should be your priority; follow Cornell’s advice and example and schedule your wellness appointments sooner rather than later.