Kristen Slaughterbeck, RN, BSN


Practice Manager

RN – Registered Nurse
BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Educational/Fellowship History:
St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), 4 years

Length of time at CHL:
I started with the Center for Healthy Living in November 2019. My previous 10 years were spent working on a medical-surgical floor in a local hospital. I began with the hospital as a nursing assistant, working through school. After I graduated in December 2014 from the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, I was offered to stay on as a floor nurse. In November 2016, I accepted a position as Patient Care Coordinator with the hospital.  I learned a great deal in this leadership role, which I believe helped prepare me for my next step with the Center for Healthy Living.   

Why do you like working at the CHL? 
The company One to One, truly cares for its employees and their families. I appreciate all the staff are willing to do to help one another, and the same goes for their patients. They are truly willing to do whatever they can to help anyone in need!

Philosophy of Care:
I’ve been in the medical field since graduating from high school, and from the start I have always tried to treat my patients as though they are family. Being a patient is not easy. You are vulnerable, and you are putting your complete trust in a stranger’s hands. Treating a patient like family will make them more comfortable and make the experience better for all those involved in the care.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the CHL?

I have two young children at home, so when I am not at work, I most likely will be soaking up any free time with my babies. They sure do keep me busy! My husband and I love to take the kids outside and work in the yard, or just have a get together with family. 

Fun fact about me

I am an only child!