Center for Healthy Living You are at the center of all we do

Meet The Providers

The team at the Center for Healthy Living puts every patient at the center of all they do! Each team member brings something unique to the center and helps create a warm, welcoming, helpful environment for all visitors. Curious about the CHL team members? View their complete biographies by clicking on their names below.

Primary Health providers

Dr. Ronald Shelton, MD - Provider

Nisha Bogosian, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) - Provider

Kimberly Porter - Family Nurse Practioner (FNP) - Provider

RN-Health coaches

Cheryl A. Laszynski - Registered Nurse (RN) - Health Coach

Whitney Soto - Registered Nurse (RN) - Health Coach

Medical assistants

Erika Burchett - Medical Assistant (MA)

Sheila Gray - Medical Assistant (MA)

Jonie Radke - Medical Assistant (MA)

Employee assistance counselors

Nancy Cook - EAP Counselor

Amanda Douglas - EAP Counselor

Registered dietitian

Megan Shidler - Registed Dietitian (RD)

Worksite health pharmacists

Chelsea Anderson - Pharmacist

Jamie Woodyard - Pharmacist

Director of operations

Jen Hodges - Director of operations

Clinic coordinator

Nikki Buchanan - Clinic coordinator

Strategic accounts manager

Ashley Byrd - Strategic Accounts Manager

Administrative assistants

Karen Blosser - Front Office Admin

Nicole Cordes - Front Office Admin

Tina Hodson - Front Office Admin

Melissa Mills - Front Office Admin

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