Insurance, cost and eligible clients

The Center for Healthy Living is for the exclusive use for:

  1. All benefits-eligible faculty and staff, including those who do not participate in a Purdue health plan
  2. Spouses and dependents (age 8 weeks and older) covered on a Purdue health plan   

J-1 Visa Plan Participants

  • Preventive care at no charge 
  • Non-preventive care for a $10 copay
  • Sports physicals for a $25 flat fee (does not apply to the deductible)

Premier Plan, Standard Plan and Limited Plan

  • Preventive care at no charge
    See what's considered preventive care 
  • Non-preventive care for a flat fee of $25, which applies to the deductible.
  • Sports physicals for a $25 flat fee (does not apply to the deductible)

Non-Purdue Health Plan

Benefits-eligible employees who are not covered by a Purdue medical plan are eligible for preventive care, primary care and treatment of common illnesses for $40 per eligible service. A receipt that the employee may submit to his or her outside medical plan will be available at the center within seven to 10 days following the service. 

Payment information

Patients will be asked to present their Purdue health plan insurance card when using the Center for Healthy Living.

  • The center accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, including health savings account (HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA) debit cards.
  • Purdue Health Plan participants may pay their $10 copay by payroll deduction. The employee’s authorization for payroll deduction will be required at the time of service.
  • The center does not accept checks or cash.