Earn incentives

Taking care of your health is important and can lead to better quality of life.


In 2021, funds will be earned through one required step – having your annual physical completed ($200) -  with the option of completing an additional step– having a biometrics screening ($125) – to earn a total of $325 per employee and / or spouse. Employee only coverage can earn $325 and employee + spouse, employee + child and employee + family coverage can earn a total of $650 if both the employee and spouse complete both steps.

Here is how it works
Employee Only Coverage
Employee + Spouse Coverage
Employee + Child Coverage
Employee + Family Coverage*
Complete annual physical
$200 – Employee
$200 – Employee
$200– Spouse

$400– Employee
$200 – Employee
$200– Spouse
Complete biometrics screening $125 – Employee $125 – Employee
$125– Spouse
$250– Employee $125 – Employee
$125– Spouse

Total Incentive






Incentive payments are made on a monthly basis through the employee’s Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA).

  • If you have an HSA: Payments for both the employee and spouse will be deposited directly to the employee’s HSA.
  • If you don’t have an HSA: Employees without an HSA will receive payments to a HRA which Purdue will set up. HRA accounts are similar to flexible spending accounts (FSA). HRA funds can be used for the same types of health expenses as the FSAs; like the FSAs, funds do not roll forward at the end of the calendar year.

Employees must register and set up their Healthy Boiler account before their spouses may register.

  • Go to healthyboiler.com and click Register.
  • Complete the required registration information.
    • If you are the Purdue employee, select Employee for Member Type.
    • If you are the spouse of a Purdue employee, select Spouses for Member Type
  • Under Eligibility Information, enter the Purdue employee’s 10-digit PUID number and first and last name as it appears on pay stub.
  • Continue as prompted to finish registration.
Note: covered spouses must register their own account on the Healthy Boiler portal to submit activities and earn the incentive.
Healthy Boiler Portal