Let the Healthy Boiler Portal work for you!

Through the Healthy Boiler portal, employees will log their activities and other information related to the wellness incentive as well as be able to access supporting health and wellness resources.

The portal is accessible at www.healthyboiler.com. Employees and covered spouses will need to register to access the site. Please note: employees must register and login first in order to allow spousal access to the site.

To register from the link above:

  • Click the REGISTER button (in gold)
  • When prompted, provide employee first name (as it appears on pay stub)
  • Provide last name (as it appears on pay stub)
  • Enter Employee ID number including two leading zeros, for a total of 10 digits 
  • Continue with the steps as prompted to finish registration 

 The “Earn” tab in the top navigation details how to log activities to earn incentive credit.

The Healthy Boiler Portal tour and demo takes you on an inside look at how the portal can work for you! 

"Please note: The earn tab and incentives in the Healthy Boiler Portal tour and demo are related to 2018 wellness incentives. All other information remains relevant for 2019.  A new video will be updated soon with 2019 earn tab instructions."