Frequently Asked Questions

Here is how it works
Employee Only Coverage
Employee + Spouse Coverage
Employee + Child Coverage
Employee + Family Coverage*
Complete annual physical with biometrics screenings

$325 – Employee
$325 – Employee
$325– Spouse

$650– Employee
$325 – Employee
$325– Spouse





In 2021, funds will be earned through one required step – having your annual physical completed ($200) -  with the option of completing an additional step– having a biometrics screening ($125) – to earn a total of $325 per employee and / or spouse. Employee only coverage can earn $325 and employee + spouse, employee + child and employee + family coverage can earn a total of $650 if both the employee and spouse complete both steps.

Here is how it works
Employee Only Coverage
Employee + Spouse Coverage
Employee + Child Coverage
Employee + Family Coverage*
Complete annual physical
$200 – Employee
$200 – Employee
$200– Spouse

$400– Employee
$200 – Employee
$200– Spouse
Complete biometrics screening $125 – Employee $125 – Employee
$125– Spouse
$250– Employee $125 – Employee
$125– Spouse

Total Incentive






All benefits-eligible employees as well as spouses covered under one of the Purdue health plans (Purdue Health Plan, Purdue Health Plan Plus HSA 1, Purdue Health Plan Plus HSA 2).

No, only benefits eligible employees and spouses covered under one of the Purdue health plans are eligible.

No, only benefits eligible employees and spouses covered under one of Purdue’s health plans are eligible.

Once retired, you are not eligible to participate in the Healthy Boiler program.

If you have completed activities and are entitled to the incentive money, we will open a HRA account for the remainder of 2020 with the monies earned.  The account will close after 2020.


After the employee has registered on the wellness portal, completion of the objectives will “enroll” the employee into the incentive program.

After the spouse has registered on the wellness portal, completion of the objectives will “enroll” the spouse into the incentive program.

  1. Click the REGISTER button (in purple)
  2. Select your Preferred Language
  3. Select “Member Type” Spouse/Domestic Partner
  4. Enter the Employee ID, PUID, number including two leading zeros, for a total of 10 digits
  5. Enter your First Name
  6. Enter your Last name
  7. Continue with the steps as prompted to finish registration

No, you will visit and click register. No code is needed to register.

No, you do not need a referral code to register; leave the cell blank.

Once you have registered on the portal, click on the EARN tab at the top of the navigation page. Here you will find all the steps and instructions to complete each step.


Up to $325 for employee-only participation and up to $650 for employee plus spouse and employee plus child/family participation.

If you are currently receiving contributions to an HSA, the funds will be deposited into your account monthly when eligible.

If you are not eligible to receive contributions to an HSA, an HRA will be opened for you and the funds will be deposited monthly when eligible. An HRA will only be opened for those who are ineligible to receive contributions to an HSA. Some examples of this are as follows: A person taking Medicare Part A, a person opted out of Purdue’s medical plans, or a person on a health plan outside of Purdue.

An individual with a FSA will receive a HRA.

An HRA is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement. HRAs are similar to healthcare flexible spending accounts (FSA). The funds in this account can be used for qualified medical, vision, prescription, OTC, and dental expenses. You may use your HSA Bank debit card to pay for them or you may pay out-of-pocket and request reimbursement.

For those who are eligible to receive contributions to an HSA, an HRA will be opened automatically by Human Resources based on the monthly incentive pay schedule if you have completed the program requirements. The HRA will be usable back to Jan. 1, 2021, or your benefits-eligibility date (e.g. hire date) - whichever is later.

1/1, or the benefits-eligibility/hire date of an individual, whichever is later.

See "Accessing your Funds" on the HRA page.

After completing the requirements, incentive funds will be received by the end of the day (11:59 p.m.) on the business day following your last pay date of the month. A report in aggregate will be provided to Human Resources indicating how much each person should receive based on completed items. Human Resources will not receive any personal health information related to your incentive completion.

Ex) A person who fulfills the wellness program requirements by the end of April 2021, including submitting their information in the Healthy Boiler Portal. They will receive incentive dollars by the end of the day (11:59 p.m.) on the business day following their last pay date in May 2021 into an HSA or an HRA.

If you have an HSA, yes the funds will roll over.

If you have an HRA, no. You will have until the end of the year (or termination/loss of benefits date) to incur eligible expenses and 90 days from December 31 (or termination/loss of benefits date) to submit claims for reimbursement.

HSA:  Yes.

Wellness HRA: No. Employees may not contribute to HRAs; therefore, there is no maximum.

It is your responsibility to ensure any contributions you receive to an HSA do not exceed your maximum limit for the year.  Funds contributed in excess of your contribution limit and the earnings on those funds are subject to penalty and tax.  We encourage you to speak to a tax advisor should you find yourself over the limit.

Yes.  If you were receiving contributions to an HSA from Purdue prior to termination, your earned funds will be deposited into your HSA.  If not, an HRA will be opened for you back to Jan. 1 (or your benefits-eligibility/hire date, whichever is later) to incur eligible expenses until your termination and you will have 90 days from your date of termination to file claims for reimbursement.

Funds will be available within 48 hours of your pay date.

Funds will be deposited into an account based whether or not you can receive contributions to an HSA; however, it is your responsibility to ensure you are eligible to receive the funds. Purdue does not know employees’ spouses’ situation (such as account and health plan participation, which may negatively impact employees’ HSA eligibility). The IRS prohibits spouses from receiving contributions to an HSA and being covered by an HRA at the same time.

No. Spouse’s need to register for their own account on the Healthy Boiler in order to receive credit for completed activities.

Provider, Annual Physical and Biometrics

The annual physical is a comprehensive exam that is prevention focused, not problem focused. Typically the exam is performed by your primary care provider and includes the following:

  • Past medical, social and family history
  • Complete physical exam and review of body systems
  • Review of medications
  • Immunizations
  • Counseling/anticipatory guidance/risk factor reduction interventions
  • Review of age/gender appropriate screening tests

To qualify for the incentive, your physical and biometrics will need to have been completed between October 1, 2019, and September 30, 2020. You are eligible to get a physical even if it hasn’t been a full year since your last physical.

No. The biometrics form needs to be completed by your provider as part of the annual routine physical. If your provider is willing to sign off on the biometric form from the health fair that was not completed by him/her, it would be accepted. All biometrics must be included.

No, a mammogram, colonoscopy, or a Pap smear are typical testing that can be a part of your annual physical but does not count as receiving a complete physical.

Yes, both are considered preventative. Preventatives are no cost to the employee.

Biometric tests required include:

  • Blood Draw for Cholesterol (TC), HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Glucose, A1C and Triglycerides
  • Blood Pressure
  • Height/Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI)

You will need to download the Healthy Boiler Center for Healthy Living Provider Screening form and take it with you to your annual physical. You can find this form on the Healthy Boiler portal, Your primary care provider will need to sign it including the values before you upload it to the Healthy Boiler portal as documentation of completing this step.

Typically, a provider will complete the form including values as part of your physical but some may charge a fee. You can inquire about your provider’s policy when scheduling your appointment. The Center for Healthy Living will not charge for the routine physical and completion of the biometrics form.

The information from your physical and the results from your biometric screening will be used by the Center for Healthy Living to provide you with information to help you understand your current health and potential risks, and may also be used to offer you services through the wellness program, such as, but not limited to health coaching, medication therapy or weight management. You also are encouraged to share your results or concerns with your own primary care provider. The only individual(s) who will receive your personally identifiable health information is One to One Health physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacist, dietitian or health coaches in order to provide you with services under the wellness program.

Yes, sick leave is most appropriate for a doctor’s appointment during work hours.

You will find the form by selecting the Earn tab. The form will be linked on the left hand side of the screen.

We are trying to work with community providers, but we cannot control their internal policies. The Center for Healthy Living is able to provide annual physical and biometric exams at any time. HR benefits, regionally or locally, are able to provide a letter from Anthem stating the policy that you can share with your PCP.

Wellness Activities

Other apps and devices can connect to the portal utilizing the Runkeeper app. Additionally many of the mobile device health apps can pass steps to Propel via the FitBit dashboard. Regarding Apple Watch. They are a closed system and limit their connectivity. Many clients with Apple Watch will run Runkeeper on their apple watch and sync activity that way. Apple Watch does not even sync steps with iPhone Health App. Many Apple users will use an app with the FitBit dashboard to pass steps from their Apple Health App to Propel. My Fitness Sync allow Steps from the Apple Health app sync with Fitbit to load to our portal. There are so many apps and devices that continue to change regarding what they will pass and who they will sync with (e.g. Jawbone which was popular earlier is going out of business). We are finishing a direct connection with Garmin which will be rolled out as the sync programming is completed. Our portal support can help members with their specific sync questions as it pertains to the device/app they are using and what they are wanting to sync.

FAQ will continually be updated based on incoming questions.

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