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29048672594_f96f6b5b31Purdue Extension’s Don’t be a Zombie exhibit is traveling the country to illustrate the need to prepare for emergencies. It urges people to be ready for an emergency and have a plan. Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make an Emergency Communication Plan for you and your family because you just don’t know when disasters will impact your community. At the Indiana State Fair, almost 60,000 visitors got a chance to check out the Don’t be a Zombie – Be Prepared exhibit, complete with zombies, interactive displays, maze, and even a video game made to simulate a zombie apocalypse!

The display aims to have its viewers take away four main points:

  • Be informed – know what threats may affect your community
  • Make a family emergency plan – a plan for everyone and everything in case of disaster
  • Make a 72-hour emergency kit – enough supplies for everyone involved, along with first-aid, a crank radio, and a gallon of water per person each day
  • Practice and maintain these plans regularly – a plan is only good if it is up to date and known by everyone

The Don’t Be a Zombie exhibit is currently travelling to museums all over the country, its existence thanks to the collaboration between Purdue Extension and EDEN, a prime source for disaster preparedness information.

Purdue Agriculture Traveling Exhibit Program
Disaster Recovery Project Management: Bringing Order from Chaos, The Education Store
First Steps to Flood Recovery, The Education Store
Keeping Food Safe During Emergencies, The Education Store
Emergency Action Planning for Livestock Operations, The Education Store

Purdue Traveling Exhibit Program

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