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Current Goods and Services Opportunities

The university posts all its solicitations on the strategic sourcing website. Open bid opportunities are updated daily with the university's intent to purchase specific goods or services. Businesses that wish to respond to open solicitations must submit responses within the specified time frame noted in the solicitations.

Bid Opportunities

Updated 2/27/2024

Bid opportunities are listed in the table below or in the associated Excel file (xls).

Bid Event Title Description Owner Email  Bid ID # Bidding start time (EST) (Military time) Bidding end time (EST) (Military time)
RFQ - Pedestrian Scale
Building Sign
Soliciting bids for fabricate painted aluminum post building and directional signs per the attached. Lauren Burkhardt Doc4452400084 2/20/2024 14:54 2/27/2024 17:00
RFQ AV Classroom LCR
Soliciting bids for AV equipment. Rich Murphy Doc4457510607 2/23/2024 9:25 2/29/2024 16:00
RFQ FerMac 260 pH Control
Brett Decker Doc4445281271 2/15/2024 11:31 2/29/2024 17:00
RFP PMU Audio Upgrade Brett Decker Doc4397841117 1/17/2024 8:44 3/1/2024 17:00
RFQ Cold Food Storage and
Brett Decker Doc4434585527 2/7/2024 16:56 3/6/2024 16:30
RFQ Windsor Dining Court
Brett Decker Doc4460796739 2/26/2024 8:16 3/7/2024 17:00
RFI Syllabus Software
Manager 02082024
Soliciting information for a Syllabus Manager Software solution. Rich Murphy Doc4435992153 2/8/2024 16:37 3/21/2024 16:00
RFP Laboratory Information
Management System (LIMS)
Soliciting proposals for a Laboratory Information Management System. Rich Murphy Doc4435686611 2/8/2024 11:20 3/25/2024 16:00