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Current Goods and Services Opportunities

The University posts all its solicitations on the strategic sourcing website. Open bid opportunities are updated daily with the University's intent to purchase specific goods or services. Businesses that wish to respond to open solicitations must submit responses within the specified time frame noted in the solicitations.

Bid Opportunities

Updated 09/22/2023

Bid opportunities are listed in the table below or in the associated Excel file (xls).

Bid Event Title Description Owner Email  Bid ID # Bidding start time (EST) (Military time) Bidding end time (EST) (Military time)
RFQ - Utility Vehicle Purdue is seeking bids for a utility vehicle or golf cart for the video production department. Leanna Zeller Doc4214818707 9/15/2023 10:53 9/22/2023 13:00
RFQ UiPath Licensing
Soliciting bids for UiPath Licensing. Rich Murphy Doc4218647551 9/18/2023 13:44 9/25/2023 16:00
RFQ Microsoft Premier
Support Services 09122023
Soliciting bids for 100 hours of Microsoft Premier Support Services. Rich Murphy Doc4209185453 9/19/2023 14:51 9/26/2023 16:00
RFQ All Weather Utility
Brett Decker Doc4223189459 9/21/2023 11:44 9/29/2023 17:00
RFQ 1869 Tree Planting -
NW Athletic Rec
Brett Decker Doc4223755871 9/21/2023 17:22 10/3/2023 17:00
RFQ 1869 Tree Planting -
Brett Decker Doc4223755835 9/21/2023 17:04 10/3/2023 17:00
RFQ High Performance Compute (HPC) Cluster Soliciting bids for a HPC. Rich Murphy Doc4197962502 9/5/2023 11:06 10/6/2023 15:00
WBAA Transmission Towers
Purdue is currently seeking bidders to provide structural analysis, design, and construction for repairs needed to WBAA Transmission Towers. Megan Vaught Doc4173055912 8/31/2023 15:59 10/6/2023 17:00
RFI Laboratory Management
System (LIMS)
Soliciting information on a Laboratory Information Management System. Rich Murphy Doc4172911503 8/31/2023 11:33 10/13/2023 16:00