For all dashboard developers, this process is a general suggestion for how to develop a dashboard, and involvement of the committee is purely optional if you feel we could be of assistance. In cases where developers would like to publish their dashboards onto Management Dashboards or the Data Digest, this approach will be enforced before publishing.

Steps in GOLD have standard committee involvement

  • Ideation

    Developer should determine the stakeholders & primary audience for the dashboard and invite a representative sample to an initial ideation meeting

  • Stakeholder Buy-In

    Developer should work with stakeholders to determine what key questions need to be answered by the dashboard

  • Define Need & Request Mentor

    The developer should email the standards committee indicating what individuals were involved in the ideation process, who the stakeholders are, what questions the dashboard is intended to answer. This is meant to be informal to keep the committee in the loop and ensure approvals are done in a timely fashion.

    In addition, should the developer desire a mentorship resource to assist in development it should be requested at this time and regular meetings can be scheduled

  • Development, Testing, and Validation

    Developer begins the process of building the data set and dashboard, iterating with stakeholders and the primary audience until something resembling a finished product is ready

    If a mentorship resource has been requested, they will work with you to advise the developer as a part of this process

  • Stakeholder Approval

    Developer should get approval for their dashboard from stakeholders before coming to the committee for final approval

  • Committee Approval

    Developer brings the dashboard to the committee for final approval. If further changes are required, the developer will work with the committee to iterate until the dashboard meets standards. This iteration may be very informal if the changes required are small, or may require another meeting if large changes are needed.

    Does the dashboard adhere to the standards both visually and in terms of performance?

    Does the dashboard answer the questions it set out to, and is it easily interpretable?

    Is the data used to answer those questions accurate and reliable according to SMEs or other standard reports?

  • Dashboard Deployment & Future Development

    Deploy the dashboard to the appropriate front-end. As future development takes place, alert the committee to any major changes in functionality.