Human Resources Stars

Compensation Plan Star


The Compensation Plan Star includes the projected compensation plan for an appointment. This star is intended  to be used to project monthly salary for an individual per position. The star contains historical data as well as 12 months into the future. The grain statement is one row per Personnel Number (PERNR), per pay period, per account combination. The data in this star is refreshed nightly.

Caution: The star uses a significantly reduced amount of Wage Types compared to Payroll Charge. If summer data is in SAP (Infotype 15), then summer salary is included in the this star. This star does not contain Fringe Benefits; fringe benefits are calculated when payroll is processed. The FTE for past months will only be picked up if the person was an active employee on the first day of the month.  

Employee Action Star


The Employee Action Star includes employee actions by appointment. The Employee Action star can be useful when looking at turnover, employee histories or details of employee actions. These actions are from Infotype 0001 (Actions) prior to 1/1/2019 and SuccessFactors' Job History after 1/1/2019. Examples of actions include Separation/Transfer, Change in Pay or Transfer. This data includes Personnel Action Types as well as Action Reasons. This data can be looked at by Action Date or by Changed Date.

Employee Appointment Star


The Employee Appointment Star holds a record for each instance of employment since the inception of SAP in June 2007. The star includes descriptive information in the dimension tables for employees (i.e. Hire date, Position title, Job title, Employee class, etc.).

This star can be used to identify trends in employee movement over time, do headcount reporting, or track job requisition and position trends. 

Employee Time Account Balances Star


This star allows users to see time account balances and estimated payouts with account details by appointment.

Employee Time Account Details Star

Employee Time Star


The employee time star contains attendance and absence entries from SuccessFactors.

Employee Time Valuation Star


Time valuation is the process of totaling time by Time Type Code and then applying business rules to assign the hours logged to the correct wage type. Valuation is the last step of the time data processing before SuccessFactors data is moved to employee Central Payroll.

Employee Timesheet Star


The Employee Time Sheet Star captures data on both weekly Time Sheets as a whole and the individuals entries that are captured in each time sheet. It joins Time Sheet data to other standard HR and Financial dimensions It includes both attendances recorded on the time sheet, and absences that have flowed into the SuccessFactors Time Sheet from the Time Off request page been broken into daily increments on the time sheet. This star also provides information about workflows and approvals for both time sheets and time entries. Data from the external web clock application is available in this Star .Business leaves recorded as an action are not available in this star. Costing distribution and estimated costs of leaves will be available in this star as a part of a future enhancement planned for Q2 2021. Data about accruals or quotas are not available in this star. Instead, the Employee Time Account Details Star should be used.

Employee Quotas Star


The Employee Quota Star is used for reporting on each of the quota balances, including the costs/liabilities associated with these balances.

Payroll Charge Star


The Payroll Charge table contains payroll charges to people and the accounts against which the payments are charged. This table provides reporting on an employee's current and historic compensation by pay period.