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Thumbs Up

"Thumbs Up" gives faculty and staff the chance to recognize others on campus for a job well done.

This week's "Thumbs Up" go to:

Jennifer Deno

Jennifer Deno (Computer Science): Jennifer does an amazing job in our business office. She helps with travel plans/expense reports beyond expectations. I enjoy her smiling face and commitment to Purdue. -- Bharat Bhargava (Computer Science)

All campus partners involved in STAR 2014

All campus partners involved in STAR 2014: Thank you to all those that had a hand in STAR 2014. We had a very successful program and could not have done it without our campus partners. Thank you again! -- Kasi Jones (Student Success at Purdue), Dan Carpenter (Student Success at Purdue) and Kelley Stier (Office of the Dean of Students)

Amanda Lade

Amanda Lade (Energy and Construction): Amanda supports key areas of Physical Facilities' Energy and Construction staff. Her efforts to support the project management staff have been tremendous. Amanda works tirelessly every day to make our jobs easier. We deal with hundreds of millions of dollars in construction projects, and Amanda is a key resource to help ensure project success. -- Jim Keefe (Project Management)

Elizabeth Allum, John Haller, Brandon Fulk, Chris Pekny, Steve Hoffman, Ross Butterfield, Catherine Zhang and Morgan Blandford

Elizabeth Allum (Industrial Engineering), John Haller (Mechanical Engineering), Brandon Fulk (Construction Engineering and Management), Chris Pekny (Engineering Education), Steve Hoffman (Engineering Education), Ross Butterfield (Engineering Education), Catherine Zhang (Engineering Education) and Morgan Blandford (Athletics): A special thank you to Elizabeth Allum, John Haller, Brandon Fulk, Chris Pekny and Steve Hoffman for helping the First-Year Engineering advising staff in advising our new incoming first-year engineering students! Thanks also to Morgan Blandford, Catherine Zhang and Ross Butterfield who assisted in welcoming our new beginners to First-Year Engineering! -- Billi Jennings (Engineering Education)

Lisa Hilliard and Helen Terrell

Lisa Hilliard and Helen Terrell (both Health Sciences): Lisa and Helen stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park during STAR! Thanks to their hard work, STAR was very successful. -- Rosemary Ricci (Health Sciences)

Sue Provo

Sue Provo (Freehafer Hall): Taking it upon herself to make sure the motorcycle parking spot was cleaned off. It is very hazardous for motorcycle riders to have loose gravel in the parking spots. Thanks, Sue! -- 
Donna Smith (Office of Treasury Operations)

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