Welcome to the University Senate

The Purdue University Senate is the governing body of the Purdue faculty. Purdue University Senate exercises the legislative and policy-making powers assigned to the faculty. Subject only to review and check by the faculty by established procedures. Subject to the authority of the Board of Trustees, and in consultation with the president: has the power and responsibility to propose or to adopt policies, regulations, and procedures intended to achieve the educational objectives of Purdue University and the general welfare of those involved in these educational processes.

The Purdue University Senate acknowledges the traditional homelands of the Indigenous People which Purdue University is built upon. We honor and appreciate the Bodéwadmik (Potawatomi), Lenape (Delaware), Myaamia (Miami), and Shawnee People who are the original Indigenous caretakers.

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University Senate Leadership

Position Name
Senate Chair Steve Beaudoin
Senate Vice-Chair Colleen Brady
Secretary of Faculties Manushag N. Powell
Steering Committee Chair Libby Richards
Nominating Committee Chair Robert Nowack
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee Chair Brian Leung
Student Affairs Committee Chair David Sanders
Faculty Affairs Committee Chair Signe Kastberg
Educational Policy Committee Chair Thomas Siegmund
University Resources Policy Committee Chair Janice Kritchevsky
Advisory Committee Chair Steve Beaudoin
Immediate Past Senate Chair Deborah Nichols