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SporeSat spacecraft

Purdue study to measure gravity's effects on plant cells in space

A Purdue University experiment that will test how plant cells sense and respond to different levels of gravity is scheduled to launch aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on Monday (April 14).
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Cooks nanotube

Nanotube coating helps shrink mass spectrometers

Nanotechnology is advancing tools likened to Star Trek's 'tricorder' that perform on-the-spot chemical analysis for a range of applications including medical testing, explosives detection and food safety.
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Spensa MyTraps

New agriculture technology documents, shares information from field and orchard analysis

Farmers, crop advisers and consultants can use new technology from a Purdue Research Park-based firm to organize, store and share findings from scouting trips to their fields and orchards.
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Culurciello Deep Learning

Smartphone to become smarter with 'deep learning' innovation

Researchers are working to enable smartphones and other mobile devices to understand and immediately identify objects in a camera's field of view, overlaying lines of text that describe items in the environment.
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Bronze bust of Purdue’s Nobel laureate Negishi unveiled

Purdue University unveiled a sculpture of Nobel laureate and professor Ei-ichi Negishi during a ceremony at 4 p.m. Friday (April 18) on the south steps of the Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry.

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hot plasmonics

High-temperature plasmonics eyed for solar, computer innovation

New 'plasmonic metamaterials' that operate at high temperatures could radically improve solar cell performance and bring advanced computer data storage technology that uses heat to record information on a magnetic disk.

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Bryan Pijanowski

Purdue researcher plans Global Soundscapes Day to record sounds of the Earth

A Purdue University researcher is collaborating with partners across the globe for a special Earth Day experience on Tuesday (April 22) designed to capture up to 1 million natural sound recordings and upload them for preservation.

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Purdue campuses to host spring commencement ceremonies

Purdue University will award degrees during spring commencement ceremonies at its campuses from May 10-19.

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