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July 2, 2015

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Faculty and Staff News

Most students, some faculty and staff now need to change Purdue passwords only once a year

Most students and some faculty and staff will now change their Purdue passwords every 365 days instead of every 180 days. In conjunction with this change, recommended by two campus committees, faculty and staff may now take advantage of Purdue's two-factor authentication service known as BoilerKey, a smartphone app that generates secondary login credentials for extra security.

Other Stories

Program offers professional mentoring to administrative assistants

Workshops to provide expert advice, networking for parents and caregivers

Nominations sought for 2015 Hovde Award of Excellence

Updated mileage rate for state travel

CSSAC sponsoring Purdue Days at Indiana Beach

In the Spotlight

Jill Hruby

Purdue alumna to be first woman to lead national security lab as new Sandia director

Purdue alumna Jill Hruby has been named the next president and director of Sandia National Laboratories, the country's largest national lab. She will be the first woman to lead a national security laboratory when she steps into her new role July 17. Hruby earned a bachelor's degree from Purdue in 1981 and a master's from the University of California at Berkeley in 1983, both in mechanical engineering. She received a Distinguished Engineering Alumni award in 2014 from Purdue's College of Engineering.

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Additional News


Mitch Daniels and Robert Wild

Daniels recognizes 33-year Purdue veteran with One Brick Higher Award  »

Purdue's Garimella attends D.C. event for Brazil's president


New test chamber making possible research into challenging 'geotechnical' problems

Study: Targeted LEDs could provide efficient lighting for plants grown in space

Atomic force microscope advance leads to new breast cancer research

Researchers in various studies looking for participants


Purdue startups raise nearly $25 million

Purdue offers checklist to help families choose colleges based on right fit

Hurt: Indiana crop losses now potentially up to $475 million

State Climate Office: Indiana rains set record for month of June

Disabled vets celebrate their 'Independence Day' by earning pilots' wings

Purdue in the News

Here is a sampling of recent news reports about Purdue from media across the nation and the world.

New York Times, Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report: Women's teams still struggle for fans

Indianapolis Star: Purdue charter holds great promise for Indy

Wall Street Journal: Sweet Briar's second chance (requires subscription to read)

New York Times: Guinea pigs are autistic child's best friend

U.S. News & World Report: U.S. colleges adapt as more Chinese undergrads come to campus


event calendar

Traffic information updated for Stars & Stripes celebration

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