Email Policy

Email is not to be used for discussion of clinically sensitive issues.

CAPS providers use email to support administrative processes such as scheduling sessions, sharing resources and/or completing documentation. CAPS staff do not use email for clinically sensitive issues or treatment delivery purposes. CAPS providers use encryption when communicating via email.

Any communication you have with a counselor at CAPS outside of a counseling session may be recorded in your file at CAPS. Communication could be information shared face to face with your counselor, email messages, phone calls, etc. Please be aware that if you use email to communicate with your counselor, we cannot guarantee a same-day response or that your email message will be secure in transit.

If you are having a non-life threatening emergency, please call CAPS at (765) 494-6995 or walk in during regular business hours, Monday-Friday. For after-hours emergencies, call CAPS at (765) 494-6995, option 1, or call 911.