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Apps & Digital Resources

Relaxation, Meditation, Melodies, and Mindfulness
  • Calm: Provides relaxation and meditation to help improve your sleep and reduce stress with music and melodies. 
  • Breathe: Provides animations to help your breathing.
  • Insight Timer: Provides guided meditations, music and talks with the largest library of guided meditations. 
  • Smiling Mind: Spend 10 minutes a day practicing meditation and mindfulness.  
  • Relax Melodies: Melodies that make you feel sleepy. 
  • Prana Breath: Calm and Meditate: Breathing techniques to increase mindfulness. 
The relaxation exercises contained on this site are provided to help you learn how to relax in the comfort of your own home. While relaxation can be helpful at soothing oneself and reducing stress and anxiety, you may find that you still feel stress even when you have mastered relaxation techniques. If that is the case, please feel free to contact our office at (765) 494-6995 to schedule an appointment or get additional information.
Help with Stress, Depression, and Anxiety
  • TAO: A self-guided online program informed by psychotherapy research and strategies that provides assistance to help overcome anxiety, depression and other concerns..
  • Sanvello: Provides digital self-care to manage stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Woebot: Self-care expert that will chat with you to help with everyday challenges and stresses. 
  • Self-help for Anxiety Management: SAM: Track your symptoms, have access to articles, relaxation techniques and skills for managing anxiety. 
  • Breathe2Relax: Stress management tool to practice exercises that will help with stress reduction.
Mood Trackers and Journaling
  • Gratitude Garden: Helps you see the good events that have occurred in your day and it provides suggestions on what you can do to improve your happiness. 
  • 365 Gratitude: A way to motivate you to create positive thoughts with journals and stories with support from a community dedicated to self-love. 
  • Daylio journal: Keep track of useful habits.
Working to Address Negative Thoughts
  • MindShift CBT: Interact with tools to help you take action for a positive change.
Support for People Struggling with OCD
  • GGOC: OCD relief: There are different levels that have different themes to improve negative thinking by increasing awareness and training the brain. 
  • nOCD: Receive live-based therapy and support in between sessions for OCD.
Brain/ Emotional Fitness Games
  • CogniFit: A way to stimulate your brain to improve memory with brain games. 
  • SuperBetter: Activates psychological strengths to build resilience and success. 
  • eQuoo: Emotional fitness game. Increase your emotional fitness by engaging in mini games that will help you understand your personal development. 
  • Happify: for stress and worry. Improve your overall well-being by participating in games, tasks and meditation a few minutes every day.