A student in an individual therapy session.


CAPS promotes individualized, comprehensive treatment of ADHD. While medication treatment can provide some benefits, it may not be recommended for all students with an ADHD diagnosis as active engagement in psychotherapy is the basic standard for CAPS Psychiatric care. Psychological treatment to improve coping, stress management and organizational skills is an important part of treatment that can provide long-term benefits for those with ADHD and also can help to address symptoms that may not respond to medication treatment. For this reason, recommended treatment may include non-stimulant medication, individual therapy, ADHD coaching, group therapy or a combination of these modalities depending upon symptom severity and individual areas of functional difficulty. If care at CAPS is established, your provider(s) will work with you to determine an individualized treatment plan.

There are several options for non-stimulant medication treatment for ADHD. If a student has an existing prescription for an ADHD medication, the CAPS psychiatric provider may not continue that existing prescription. The CAPS psychiatric provider will make treatment recommendations based on their assessment of each patient.