Veteran's hold flags during Purdue Memorial Union Veteran's Day programming.


In difficult times, the camaraderie of veterans is unique. Regardless of service, veterans have each other's backs. But, like all US citizens, veterans may face ongoing concerns regarding loss of income, illness, loss of loved ones and access to care. When called to action, whether stateside or overseas, close quarters and rough conditions create vulnerability to many diseases and additional stresses. Families are service members too, dealing with deployments and training time away from them.

Some veterans identify as non-traditional students, which means that you may have additional responsibilities, like concern for spouses/partners and children as well as parents and extended family. Academics may or may not be your only priority. Therefore, here are some resources found on the National Center for PTSD website (NCPTSD) which relate to current stressors. You do not have to have a PTSD diagnosis or any specific mental health concerns to benefit. Your brothers and sisters in arms have contributed many suggestions.


Grief: Different Reactions and Timelines After a Loss
Learn about common grief reactions and stages of loss as well as prolonged or complicated grief.

Grief: Helping Someone Else After a Loss
Learn strategies to support someone grieving a loss.

Grief: Taking Care of Yourself After a Loss
Learn strategies to increase self-care while grieving a loss.

How Can I Help Someone with PTSD?
Learn about how you can help family and friends, including information on effective treatments for PTSD.

Intimate Partner Violence
At a time when tension is high, the risks of intimate partner violence can increase. Learn about domestic violence and resources for assistance.

Mobile Apps for Self-Care
We offer a number of free, self-help apps that can help manage stress and support self-care, like Mindfulness Coach, Mood Coach, StayQuit Coach and more.

Self-Help and Coping Strategies
Find out what to expect after a trauma and about self-help tools that can help you manage stress reactions.

For further support contact and please feel free to reach out to the Veterans Success Center