Photo of student receiving individual therapy.

Individual Therapy

We offer brief individual counseling focused on specific goals and for concerns that are appropriate for this level of service. Treatment services are brief in nature and based on need.

We do not have pre-defined session limits and appointments are typically scheduled every other week based on availability.

Brief Phone Screen

If a student is looking for CAPS services they can call (765-494-6995) to schedule a brief phone screening appointment during which a clinician will gather information regarding the primary concern and collaborate with the student to make appropriate treatment recommendations (e.g., brief individual therapy, group therapy, off-campus therapy, or other campus resources).

Keep in mind:

  • Find a quiet and private space to receive the 30-minute phone call from Purdue CAPS. This is a quick assessment of your clinical needs to determine appropriate next steps.
  • There could be multiple outcomes including recommendation for a workshop, group therapy, off-campus referral, short-term individual therapy, or other campus or web-based resources.
Initial Consultation

During the brief phone screening appointment, your clinician may decide that more assessment is needed before a clinical recommendation can be made. A longer assessment appointment, called the "initial consultation" will be scheduled. At this assessment appointment, your clinician will answer your questions, review your situation in more depth and determine an appropriate clinical recommendation.

**Please make sure to arrive about 30 minutes early for your initial consultation, as we will have some paperwork that you will need to fill out.**

Sometimes, people find this appointment has met their needs and no further services are necessary. Other times, your clinician may recommend a workshop, group therapy, brief individual therapy at CAPS or therapy with a provider in the community. Referrals to campus resources, medical or mental health providers or specialized care can be offered, as well.

Individual or Couples Therapy

If individual or couples therapy is recommended, we work within a time limited, brief individual therapy model. You and your therapist will determine the number of individual therapy sessions necessary for you to work toward your goals.

Keep in mind:

  • The average number of therapy sessions for most students is between four and eight.
  • Most students meet with their individual clinician every other week.
Emergency/Crisis Services
  • Clinicians are available 24/7 for mental health emergencies.
  • Walk-in to PUSH (second floor) whenever CAPS is open, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Call us at (765) 494-6995 and press #1 to speak to a clinician over the phone for consultation, stabilization, and/or referral.
  • For mental health emergencies call 988, the national suicide and crisis lifeline.