Practicum Training Overview

Our practicum training program provides an academic year (August-May) of supervised training for master's and doctoral-level students who are interested in gaining experience in a university counseling center setting. This is a full academic year commitment. CAPS accepts three practicum trainees per year. Practicum trainees have the opportunity to develop their therapeutic skills in individual therapy and may have an opportunity to co-facilitate a psychoeducational group or process observe a group. Practicum trainees may also have the opportunity to provide outreach programming to the university student community. Advanced-level practicum students who have at least two consecutive semesters of prior practica are strongly preferred, but previous work and volunteer experience will be considered as well.

Policy: Former/Current CAPS Clients as Potential Trainees

In order to minimize the potential for dual relationships, students in Purdue University’s Counseling or Clinical Psychology doctoral programs who have received treatment at CAPS and who subsequently seek training at CAPS as a practicum or doctoral intern clinician will not be considered for a training position until a period of one year has elapsed since their last clinical contact. This does not include a brief initial assessment or emergency appointment that resulted in a referral outside of CAPS.

Eligibility and Qualifications

Candidates for the CAPS Practicum must be currently actively pursuing one of the following degrees in an accredited academic program:

  • Degree of Ph.D./Psy.D. in counseling or clinical psychology.
  • You must also show proof of student liability insurance either provided to you through your academic department or else your own liability insurance (if you don't currently have student liability insurance, it can be reasonably purchased through The Trust).

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