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CoeusLite - IACUC Protocol


The Species/Groups screen is where the Investigator indicates the animals that will be utilized on the protocol along with related group information. The Species/Groups listed on this screen will be available for assignment to the protocol procedures on the following screen.

bullet Add Species/Groups

1.  Click the "Add Species/Groups" link at the top of the screen



2.  Study/Teaching Group: Free text field, enter an unique description for the group to be added

3.  Species: Select the applicable species from the available drop-down list

4.  Species Strain: Free text field, enter the appropriate strain of the selected species

5.  Pain Category: Select the appropriate USDA pain category applicable to this group from the available drop-down list

6.  USDA Covered Type: Check this box if the indicated species group is USDA covered.

7.  Count Type: Indicate if the group is live animals, embryos, or eggs

8.  Count: Enter total number of animals for this specific group

9.  Exception: If there is an Exception for this group, check this box to open the corresponding Exception fields.



  • Click "Add Exception"


  • Exception Category: Select appropriate Exception from drop-down list
  • Description: Enter text that explains the designated exception and why it is necessary
  • Repeat for each additional Exception for this specific Species Group

10.  Click "Save"

11.  Repeat all steps for each Species Group