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Coeus Premium - Display Only


Display Only access gives the assigned User the ability to utilize the various Coeus modules as reference to view all entered Proposal and Contract information and/or corresponding attached documents.

bullet Display Only Modules



bullet Coeus Record Numbering

  • Proposal Development: Eight digits long and only sequential (ex.: 00001287)
  • Institute Proposal: Eight digits long. First four digits represent fiscal year/month the record was created, last four digits are sequential (ex.: 11121047)
  • Negotiation: Negotiation records that are associated with an Institute Proposal will utilize the same number as that IP. (ex.: 11121047)

bullet Proposal Development: Display Only Guide -click to access

Items Contained in Proposal Development Records:

  • Proposal Information
  • Proposal Budgets
  • Proposal Documents/Attachments
  • Investigator Credit Split

bullet Institute Proposal: Display Only Guide - click to access

Items Contained in Institute Proposal Records:

  • Reportable Proposal Data
  • Submitted Project Amounts
  • Submitted Project Dates
  • Proposal/Award Status
  • Submission/Award Dates

bullet Negotiations: Display Only Guide - click to access

Items Contained in Negotiation Records:

  • Contract Status
  • Assigned Contract Analyst
  • Contract Activities
  • Fully Executed Contract