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CoeusLite - IACUC Protocol


Submission of an IACUC protocol will now be done electronically. When the protocol is complete, click the Submit to IACUC link in the left navigation. This will initiate the Coeus electronic Routing & Approval function to collect approvals from the Principal Investigator and lead Department Head. Once Academic Approvals have been given, the protocol will automatically forward to PACUC Admin for intake and review.

bullet Submit to IACUC

1.  Click the "Submit to IACUC" link in the left navigation


2.  Click "Submit for Review"

3.  Validation Checks will automatically run and display results

noteNOTE: If the Validations indicate any "Errors", those errors must be corrected before the system will allow submission.

4.  Complete Submission Details


  • Type: Select "Initial Protocol Application"
  • Review Type: Select "Pending IACUC Determination"
  • Type Qualifier: Leave blank or select "NOT APPLICABLE"

5.  Click "Submit"