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CoeusLite - IACUC Protocol


A search for Alternatives to using animals in research is required for each protocol. Indicate the applicable information related to ALL Alternatives Searches that were completed for this protocol.

bullet Add Alternative Search



1.  Click the "Add Alternative Search" link at the top of the screen

2.  Search Date: Enter the date used for Alternative search

3.  Database Searched: Select the database that was searched. If "Other" is selected, enter name of database in the Comments field

4.  Years Searched: Enter the years used for Alternative search

5.  Keywords Searched: Enter ALL keywords used for Alternative search. (The species being used and the term "alternatives" MUST be two of the keywords used)

6.  Comments: Enter name of database searched if "Other" was selected and/or any additional information related to your Alternatives Search

7.  Click "Save"

8.  Repeat for additional searches