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Coeus Lite - IACUC Protocol


The listed “Lead Unit” on an IACUC Protocol designates the Department Head approval that will be obtained when submitted for review.  Lead Units are denoted as the Principal Investigator’s Unit.  Coeus will automatically apply the appropriate Department Head approval map to the unit listed as Lead.

noteNOTE:  Units are automatically assigned by the system to each Person added into the Investigator/Study Personnel screen.  The assigned unit is provide by the SAP HR Home Unit of the listed person.


1. The Investigator/Study Personnel screen must be open


2. Click on the name of the currently listed Principal Investigator to open their Person details

3. Next to the “Unit” field, click the Search link


4. Complete a standard Coeus Unit search

5. From the Search Results List, click the new department to designate as Lead

6. Click “Save”.  The Departmental Approval Map for the newly assigned unit should now apply when submitted for review