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Coeus Lite - IACUC Protocol


bullet Generate a New Protocol Record

noteNOTE: Any Purdue employee may log into the Coeus system but you must have access granted to create an IACUC protocol. To request access please click here.


1.  Log into CoeusLite and click "My IACUC Protocols"


2.  At the bottom of the IACUC Home page, click the "Create New Protocol" button


3.  A new record should open that is ready for data entry

4.  Complete the minimum required data fields to save the record.  (see below)

5.  Save Record

bullet Minimum Fields to Save Record

An IACUC Protocol record in Coeus will not allow itself to be saved unless the required fields are first completed. Required fields all appear on the General Info screen and are designated by a red asterisks.


noteNOTE: Minimum required fields do NOT have to have final data entered, temporary data will satisfy the requirement. Example: If the Title of the project is not yet known, "TBD" or a draft title may be used. If temporary information is used, be certain to have it updated once that information is finalized.


1.  Protcol Type: Select appropriate type of protocol from the available dropdown values

2.  Project Type: Select appropriate type of project from the available dropdown values

3.  Title: The title of the project should be entered, draft titles or "TBD" may be used

4.  Application Date: Application date will automatically populate