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Upcoming LIVE Sessions:

August 13th: Fall Food Plots for Wildlife
3:00 pm ET
Dr. Jarred Brooke – Extension Wildlife Specialist
Food plots are useful for attracting wildlife and can be a great addition to your landowner habitat management practices. Learn techniques, resources and “ask an expert”.




August 20th: FNR Ask the Expert – Tree Inspection
3:00 pm ET
Lindsey Purcell – Urban Forester , Elizabeth Barnes – Exotic Forest Pest Educator, and Cliff Sadof – Pest Management Extension Specialist
Join urban forester Lindsey Purcell, exotic forest pest educator Elizabeth Barnes and entomology extension specialist Cliff Sadof as they share about how to inspect trees, what to look for, who to contact, etc., as well what invasive pests and diseases you should be keep your eye out for.




September 10th: IDMP/Camera Trapping – with Patrick McGovern
3:00 pm ET
Patrick McGovern, Project Coordinator
Pat is the project coordinator for the Integrated Deer Management Project and with his expertise of animal tracking and equipment techniques, he will share how he gathers the wildlife data needed to best manage your properties.




September 17th: Ask The Expert – Planning and Resources For Conservation Tree Planting
3:00 pm ET
Dr. Carrie Pike, USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry Regeneration Specialist and Lenny Farlee, Purdue University, Sustaining Hardwood Extension Specialist.
Healthy forests provide many benefits for private landowners and for society at large. Talk with the experts in this Facebook LIVE session as they share materials, information, and assistance available for conservation tree planting.



September 24th: Ask an Expert – Bats on the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (HEE)
3:00 pm ET
Joy O’Keefe – HEE Mammals team, Lizz Beilke – Ph.D. Student
How do we know the best way to manage our forest land? This 100 year, large-scale experimental study continues to gather data as a helpful guide for landowners that want to best manage their land for wildlife, timber harvesting and sustainable forests.




If you miss the live stream session, not to worry. All of our online sessions will be archived in our Purdue Extension-Forestry and Natural Resources YouTube playlist.


Recent Facebook Live Sessions:


FNR Ask the Expert: Rainscaping

Join Kara Salazar and Sarah Hanson as they introduce you to the world of rainscaping and rain gardens. Please post your questions in the comments section and they will answer them as time allows.

Posted by Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Ask an Expert – Rainscaping
In this Facebook LIVE session you will find out what rainscaping is, how you can use it to improve your home landscaping issues and how it can be added to your community landscaping management practices as it can help prevent polluted runoff.


Sarah Hanson – Ag & Natural Resources Educator, County Extension Director for Purdue Extension Johnson County and Kara Salazar – Assistant Program Leader and Extension Specialist for Sustainable Communities



Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment: Bird Research

Learn about the methods of collection and the various research projects about birds that are currently happening on the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment. Bring your questions about this research and more as Alison Ochs and Danielle Williams share about bird and salamander research on the HEE on our Thursday Ask the Expert episode.

Posted by Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources on Monday, July 27, 2020

Ask an Expert – Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment: Episode 2 – Birds & Salamander Research
Our experts within the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (HEE) will answer your questions as they share their forest research regarding birds and salamanders.


Allison Ochs – Graduate Research Assistant and Danielle Williams – HEE Field Coordinator



Ask an Expert: Wildlife Myth Busters
Hellbenders and mudpuppies are the same thing, both salamanders, myth or true? Do we really have cougars in Indiana? Join our experts on this Facebook LIVE session as they share the facts regarding wildlife myths and answer your wildlife questions.


Rod Williams – Professor of Wildlife Science and Brian MacGowan – Wildlife Extension Specialist



Ask The Expert: What’s Buzzing & Not Buzzing About Pollinator
Learn about the different types of pollinators, a specific look at bee biology, the pollination game, the role of bees and their importance to our health, what to plant to attract pollinators, conservation, research, habitat and more.


Bee Overbey – Graduate Research Assistant and Megan Benage – Regional Ecologist for the Division of Ecological and Water Resources with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources



Ask The Expert: Intro to the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment
Join Mike Saunders and Charlotte Owings of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment as they share about the 100-year old project that aims to study and regenerate the oak-hickory population in Indiana and beyond.


Mike Saunders – Associate Professor of Ecology and Natural Resources
and Charlotte Owings – Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment Project Coordinator.



FNR Ask The Expert: Pests in Your Wood
FNR Ask The Expert: Pests in Your Woods – Join Purdue Extension specialist Liz Jackson and exotic forest pest educator Elizabeth Barnes and ask all of your questions about invasive insects and diseases affecting your woods.


Elizabeth Barnes – Exotic Forest Pest Educator and Liz Jackson – Manager Walnut Cncl/IFWOA & Engage Spec



Ask an Expert – Coexisting with Coyotes
PhD researcher Bee Overbey and Purdue Extension wildlife specialist Brian MacGowan talk about coyotes, safety and more.


Bee Overbey – Research fellow and PhD student and Brian MacGowan – Wildlife Extension Specialist


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