Training & Internships

Welcome to the CAPS Training Program!

Our training program consists of both a practicum program for students in a doctoral level clinical or counseling psychology program, and an accredited internship in clinical or counseling psychology. The following pages describe the training programs in more detail. The CAPS training model is rooted in the CAPS agency mission statement, as follows:

Our mission is to help Purdue University students maximize the value of their life experiences. As we develop collaborative relationships in a safe and respectful environment, the unique value and dignity of each individual and group is held paramount. We accomplish our mission through a variety of professional services, including individual, group and couples psychotherapy; psycho-pharmacology; crisis intervention; drug and alcohol programs; outreach and consultation; and the training of helping professionals.

Thus, as a foundation for CAPS training philosophy and model, the training mission is to provide quality training that espouses values central to the overall functioning of CAPS. These values are: embracing diversity, cultural self-awareness, sensitivity to and respect for others, engaging in advocacy and social justice, engaging in life-long learning, openness to professional and personal growth and change, maintaining autonomy while working collaboratively, professionalism and ethical conduct.