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Gender Affirming Therapy

We are committed to assisting all students to meet their mental health needs, whether those needs can be best met at CAPS or by helping students to make connections in the community.  We are further committed to addressing the needs of transgender, gender diverse, and gender non-conforming students.  We are here to support you and provide an affirming space to discuss whatever concerns you are experiencing.

We understand there is a problematic history between the transgender and gender non-binary community and mental health professionals, especially related to gatekeeping practices. As an agency, we follow an informed consent model in that we do not believe that you need a therapist to make decisions around your gender identity. We also recognize that many medical providers require letters of support from mental health professionals in order for transgender and gender non-binary individuals to receive appropriate care. When needed, we are able to write letters of support to those medical providers.

Please see FAQ about Gender Affirming Therapy for more information about our processes for letter writing and referrals. 

CAPS offers a Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Support Group. For a description of the group and information about offerings, please see our group listings

Campus Resources

LGBTQ Center

The LGBTQ Center has created a list of Resources for Transgender Students, Staff, and Faculty with information about medical transitioning, name and gender marker changes, access to medical care, and gender affirming campus housing and restrooms. Off campus resources are also provided. 

Gender Affirming Voice and Communication Training Program

The Gender Affirming Voice and Communication Training Program within the Purdue Center for Voice serves gender diverse and trans individuals seeking to adapt their voice and communication in a way that is safe and authentic, resulting in communication patterns that are congruent with their gender identity. Clients are guided to establish healthy and achievable goals, and they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to determining progress. Skilled training is provided in a structured approach in order to transfer new communication skills to everyday situations. This clinic provides affirmative therapy; a non-pathologizing approach to clinical practice that accepts and validates all experiences of gender. The lead Speech-Language Pathologist is registered on OutCare as a LGBTQ+ competent healthcare provider.