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Making Initial Contact

Brief Phone Screening

Based on student feedback and our desire to be available more quickly, CAPS will be implementing a brief phone screening system starting in Spring 2020, which will further increase the number of initial contact appointments with CAPS.

If you are seeking a consultation with CAPS, you will be scheduled for a 15 minute brief phone screening appointment with a clinician. This brief discussion helps us assess the nature and urgency of your concern, and identify the most appropriate next steps.

This appointment is for a specific time, reserved just for you. Usually, appointments are available the same day you call or the next day. During the brief phone screening appointment, you will be asked a variety of questions and invited to briefly talk about your situation. Because this is a phone appointment, it is important that you be available and are in a location that allows you to talk freely when the clinician calls you.

At the end of the brief phone screening appointment, there will be a discussion of next steps. Options might include self-help resourcesTAO (Therapy Assistance Online), a referral to a workshop or group at CAPS, an appointment for initial consultation at CAPS, and/or referral to other campus resources or community resources. If your situation is critical or if you are experiencing a mental health crisis, CAPS also offers crisis appointments as needed. 

Please also see "Getting Started FAQs" for additional information.

At Purdue, CAPS provides short-term individual therapy services. If you need or want a longer-term individual therapy relationship, CAPS' Care Managers can provide referrals to providers in our community.

For those seeking a medication consultation with a psychiatric provider, CAPS asks that you go through the brief screening process described above. At the end of the assessment, which may include an initial consultation, your clinician will help refer you to a psychiatric provider, as appropriate.

Students who have never utilized our services in the past or are returning after an absence from services can call (765-494-6995) to schedule this brief phone screening appointment. 

Initial Consultation

During the brief phone screening appointment, your clinician may decide that more assessment is needed before a clinical recommendation can be made. A longer assessment appointment, called the "Initial Consultation" will be scheduled. At this assessment appointment, your clinician will answer your questions, review your situation in more depth, and determine an appropriate clinical recommendation.

**Please make sure give yourself about thirty minutes prior to your initial consultation to fill out our initial paperwork. This paperwork will be emailed to you the morning of your appointment and must be completed the same day that you meet with a clinician.**

Sometimes people find this appointment has met their needs and no further services are necessary. Other times, your clinician may recommend a workshop or group, brief individual therapy at CAPS, or therapy with a provider in the community. Referrals to campus resources, medical or mental health providers, or specialized care can be offered, as well.

Taking care of yourself is important, please see Self-Care things you can do NOW for your Mental Health

Emergency/Crisis Contact

Call 911 if you are experiencing a life threatening Mental Health Emergency.

  • Ask to speak to the Purdue Police CIT Officer.

Call CAPS at (765) 494-6995 for mental health crisis situations. A therapist will conduct a crisis assessment and plan for next steps for you.

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • After business hours, call 765-494-6995, press 1, and you will speak with a clinician who will assess your situation and help you.