Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium



July 29-August 6, 2021

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The 2021 Purdue Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium is an opportunity for undergraduate researchers conducting research at Purdue to showcase the scholarly work and creative endeavors they have been engaged in through oral or poster presentations. This can include non-Purdue students working with a Purdue research mentor.

Why should I participate in Purdue's undergraduate research conferences?

Being a part of what makes Purdue excellent prepares you for future experiences where you will need to present and apply your work. Being directly involved in the process of discovery, along with the feedback from judges and other student participants during the conference will prove invaluable in your efforts to present your work in the future.

The undergraduate research conferences, such as the Summer Symposium, are open to the public and showcase the research of Purdue undergraduate students. Additionally, the Summer Symposium is a great opportunity to present your work in a low-stakes, non-judged environment if you plan to present during the spring Undergraduate Research Conference or at your own institution's research presentation day.

Other Opportunities to Showcase Your Work

Communicating research through presentations and publications is an important part of the research process. Several options are available to students for showcasing and publishing their work and the Fall Undergraduate Research Expo is one of them. The OUR also hosts a hands-on event, Celebrate Purdue's Thinkers, Creators, and Experimenters, where students bring in their project in some form for the audience to engage with it. Several undergraduate research programs and academic units also have symposiums/poster sessions throughout the year.

For those students who are willing to invest more effort, the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research (JPUR) and the Purdue Journal of Service-Learning (PJSL) hold the option of experiencing the scholarly publishing process and its benefits. These are multi-disciplinary Open Access journal available in print and online dedicated to students who conduct projects. The PJSL focuses on projects with strong service-learning and academic civic engagement aspects. Click “Get Published” for more information.