Finding joy in connecting with and serving others

February 28, 2022Nasreen Lalani

Imagine you are living in a dormitory, far from your family, down with fever and cough, feeling weak and suffering from a severe headache. Out of the blue, your friend calls in and sends you a bowl of warm soup, some snacks and fruits or offers you kind words and asks you if you need further help or assistance. How would you feel at that moment?

You may feel as if a weight has been taken off your shoulders. Having a friend who has your back without needing to be asked is a blessing not all have. Knowing you have someone there for you alleviates that dreaded feeling of loneliness. Connecting with others and having someone by your side always brings a sense of mental and emotional happiness and peace.

Such acts and behaviors can themselves generate more prosocial behaviors. When you see someone else going through a similar situation, you may look back at this day and realize just how much it meant to you, making you more inclined to help others in any capacity you can. Such positivity can cascade into so much more as people pass it on.

In some societies and traditions, service to others and the community is often considered worthy, an act of righteousness and a path to achieve transcendence. Keeping oneself engaged in different community service activities is also helpful to prevent the sense of loneliness and find our peace and internal satisfaction.

Attending to the needs of other people and interacting with them brings new ideas and creativity, gives us a sense of meaning and purpose, boosts our self-esteem and brings personal growth and transformation. Serving others can improve our support networks, encourage us to lead a more active and meaningful life, distract us from our own problems, cultivate optimism and increase personal satisfaction.

So go out, show your kindness to the world by serving others and you will find joy in and around you!

Dr. Nasreen Lalani and Ali Hasan Lalani


Dr. Nasreen Lalani is an experienced researcher, clinician, and educator with diverse background in nursing and health disciplines for more than 25 years.

Ali Hasan Lalani is a third year undergraduate student at the Faculty of Business, University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada. His hobbies include socializing with friends, and watching ice hockey and football.  

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