Pursuing Well-Being

August 22, 2022
Louis Tay

I love the Fall semester. It’s the time when the Purdue campus transforms from a quiet sleepy place to once again buzzing with energy and excitement from all the new and returning students.

Amid all the activities, classes, and new connections, one can easily get lost in the many different wonderful goals to pursue. Some may seek to get a head start on academic pursuits. Others may seek to find groups with shared interests. And those planning to graduate seek career fairs and full-time employment.

In this flurry, it can be easy to forget the pursuit of well-being. It can manifest in a multitude of ways: forgoing sleep, ignoring exercise, eating unhealthy food, or not making time for friendships and community. Of course, none of these are ultimately detrimental in the moment. But, we need to be mindful that their persistent cumulative effects can be aversive. And it can undercut what we hope to pursue.

So how can we pursue greater well-being? There are multiple ways, but here are a few primary areas to focus on.

  • Protect time for sufficient sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Make time for community

Well-being is foundational. Let’s continue to pursue well-being among all these other pursuits. And let’s also remind one another of its importance as we kick off another exciting year.

Be well,


Louis Tay is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences. He has expertise in well-being, assessments, and data science. Be sure to check back each week for another wellness tip of the week!

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