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Medical Services  

Eligibility and Cost
Services of the medical providers are available to students and their spouses or domestic partners. Continuing, full-time students who have paid the student fee are eligible for routine office visits at no charge from the week of Boiler Gold Rush through graduation. All other eligible students and spouses or domestic partners are eligible to be seen, but will be charged for office visits. All other medical services do have charges associated with them. This includes, but is not limited to, services such as physical exams, office procedures, medication administration, laboratory tests, x-rays, and physical therapy. Please ask if you have questions about the cost of services. PUSH is in network for most United Healthcare and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. We will also bill any insurance you present. It is always best to call your insurance company prior to your visit to verify your coverage and benefits. 

Medical Services
Provides primary care for both acute and chronic medical conditions by appointment. Medical Clinic providers are both physicians and nurse practitioners and you are encouraged to see the same provider whenever you need care. Get to know our providers on our provider biography page.

Covid-19 (and ALL Respiratory Illness) Management 
The CDC no longer recommends isolation for a COVID-19 diagnosis. It isnow approached like all other respiratory illnesses such as colds, the flu and RSV. However, it is recommended that you not be around others until your have no fever (temperature of 100.4 F or 38C or higher) for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. You should mask around others for an additional 5 days beyond that. For additional information, please visit this CDC link:

Prescription Management of ADD/ADHD
Patients may be evaluated for a potential or existing diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. There are several options for medication treatment for ADHD. PUSH physicians and Nurse Practitioners prescribe non-stimulant medications. This policy is designed to promote student safety, since stimulant medications are controlled substances with a risk of abuse and dependence and can have serious adverse effects if combined with substances of abuse. For more information about ADD/ADHD please click here.

Infusion Services
As part of our efforts to meet student needs, PUSH offers on-campus infusion treatment services for both chronic and acute medical conditions. Our team of skilled nurses will work directly with your infusion prescribing provider (in or out of state) to ensure that your treatment plan is not interrupted with the transition to college living. Contact us today (765-494-1700 or to find out how we can help you get started on the process. The PUSH nursing team will determine if your infusion is appropriate for PUSH to provide in our facility; provide the patient and/or family member with PUSH contacts to discuss billing and insurance; reach out to the ordering provider to obtain the infusion order and medication, and arrange for the first infusion appointment. We know that infusions may disrupt your life. PUSH is able to minimize that disruption for most students and we look forward to providing that service for you if needed.

Sexual & Reproductive Health Services
Provides a full range of sexual and reproductive related services including, but not limited to, confidential sexual assault care, well-women exams, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Emergency Contraception counseling is also available when the Student Health Center is open, Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. PUSH does not carry or dispense Emergency Contraception (aka "the Morning-After Pill"), however, the Purdue University Pharmacy does carry Emergency Contraception, and typically at a cost far below that of other pharmacies. In addition to examinations, Sexual & Reproductive Health Services provides placement and removal of contraceptive devices.

Gender Affirming Care: We provide ongoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for patients who have an order from an outside provider who specializes in gender affirming care.

There are local providers that have the education, experience and expertise to initiate hormonal gender affirming care. Dr. Chelsea Worstall is currently accepting new patients. Dr. Worstall's information is listed below:

Dr. Chelsea Worstall
5177 McCarty Ln,
Lafayette, IN 47905

Eating Disorder Care
At Purdue University Student Health we recognize that disordered eating is often a cause of serious concern. Specific PUSH medical providers are available to provide confidential, compassionate and individualized care for patients with these complex medical disorders.
PUSH providers believe that a coordinated multidisciplinary team approach is the safest and most effective way to treat these disorders. If you choose to seek care for an eating disorder through PUSH, we will plan to work as a team with your other care providers.
Call today at 765-494-1700 to schedule your first appointment.

Extended Care Services
Provide a higher level of resources for students who need them. This may be services such as respiratory treatments, intravenous infusions, dressing changes or suturing. Services are available during regular business hours Monday - Friday and Saturday (10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) during the academic terms. The higher level of resources typically includes charges for those services and materials for all students.

Physical Therapy

  • Our offices are open Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Call 765-494-1839 to schedule an in-person or virtual Physical Therapy consultation.

  • Click here for virtual physical therapy resources from Dr. Jeff Stein.

Physical Therapy services are available to undergraduate and graduate students at the France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center in the Wellness Suite, room 2238. PT is available with an appointment both by referral from a medical provider and, without a referral, via Direct Access. To schedule an appointment, call (765)494-1839, or stop by the Wellness Suite at the RSC. Hours of operation during the academic year are Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, and Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. During the summer and over breaks, the hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Services offered include evaluation, post-surgical and post injury rehabilitation, therapeutic interventions, modalities, IASTM, dry needling, orthotic prescription and casting, brace fitting and application, video movement analysis, and postural analysis and corrective techniques.

There are charges for all Physical Therapy services and supplies. Physical Therapy is in network for all Purdue Student and Graduate Student insurance plans. PUSH PT is also in network with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and United Health Care. Currently, PUSH PT is out of network for all other commercial insurers so our charges are kept low to be competitive with in-network costs. It is the patient's responsibility to verify their Physical Therapy or supply coverage prior to therapy.

Student Radiology Services
The Radiology Department performs general diagnostic x-rays on all eligible students who have a written order from a physician. There are charges for all radiology services, however payment is not required at the time of service. Check in for students is at the Welcome Desk located on the main floor of PUSH. There is no charge for copies of patient x-rays when needed. The images are copied to a CD with built-in software allowing for easy viewing by patients and medical providers. Patients or their insurance companies will be billed for radiology services (including the radiologist’s fee) after completion. Services are available from 30 minutes after PUSH opens to 30 minutes before PUSH closes. Contact information: (765) 494-1835.


The following services are available to the greater Purdue University Community

Please note that all of these services have charges associated with them and that PUSH is out-of-network for all insurance plans except for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare and the Anthem student insurance plan. PUSH will bill your insurance and you will be responsible for the portion the insurance company does not cover.

Allergy and Immunization Clinic
Purdue University Student Health Services (PUSH) allergy and immunization department focuses on preventive health care including vaccinations, allergy injections, travel counseling and TB (tuberculosis screening). Travel counseling services are available to the greater Purdue community including, current students, spouses of students, faculty, staff, and their spouses and children (over the age of 16). For specific questions, please call (765) 494-1700, option 0 during regular business hours. For staff whose department is paying for these services, please download a Form 800.

Students requiring ALLERGY INJECTION services at PUSH must complete an allergy documentation packet. Forms and instructions for this packet can be found here (forms are currently unavailable due to being updated).

Clinical Laboratory
For your convenience, PUSH has a Labcorp lab facility within our building. Please be aware that Labcorp is a separate and distinct entity from PUSH. Labcorp addresses their own charges and billing. PUSH is not responsible for any charges and billing related to Labcorp, and PUSH staff members are unable to predict or state what the lab charges through Labcorp may be.

The laboratory at PUSH performs testing on all students, faculty, and staff who have a written order from a physician. The laboratory services are provided by LabCorp which is in-network with all major insurance plans. Patients or their insurance companies are billed for all services provided at the laboratory through LabCorp. Questions about billing or the costs of tests, should be directed to LabCorp Patient Billing/Customer Service directly at 1-800-845-6167. Please do not contact PUSH for laboratory billing questions. Hours of operation for LabCorp are Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed for lunch from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm), and Saturdays when PUSH is open from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (closed for lunch from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm).

Staff Radiology Services
The Radiology Department performs general diagnostic x-rays on all benefits eligible Purdue staff, their spouses, and dependents over the age of 8. There are charges for all radiology services. The employee portion of that charge is $25.00 per exam (body part), due at the time of service. The remaining balance will be billed to insurance. We are located at 601 Stadium Mall. Parking is available at the rear of our building off of University. Please enter the building through the Extended Care entrance (through the covered ramp). Check in is located in the Radiology Department on the ground floor of PUSH. Our hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. We are also open on Saturday from 10:00 am - 5:30 pm during the academic year. Please remember to bring a written order, your insurance card, your photo ID, and a credit card, or HSA card with you to your visit.