Purdue University in Indianapolis

Our new urban campus is preparing career-ready students for the jobs of tomorrow. Strong industry partnerships accelerate hands-on learning opportunities, internships and co-ops.

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Purdue University in Indianapolis, our first comprehensive urban campus.
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Building the future

Our new urban campus extends Purdue’s mission and impact with a first-of-its-kind Hard-Tech Corridor, stretching between Indianapolis and our flagship West Lafayette campus. We’re building the future by linking industry to our world-class educators, researchers and students.

Fueling a transformational growth, Purdue University’s first comprehensive urban campus will offer unique opportunities for Boilermaker students and faculty. 

We will expand enrollment. We will build startups. We will create new knowledge. We will connect talents and industry. We will maximize Indy’s unique strengths such as sports and biomedical technology.

Purdue campuses now bookend the Hard Tech Corridor: 65 miles connecting Indy and West Lafayette with LEAP Innovation District at the midpoint. We will generate talents, jobs and innovation together in America’s heartland!

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Purdue University

Downtown Indianapolis

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