Email Policy

Email is not to be used for discussion of clinically sensitive issues.

Because the confidentiality of email sent or received cannot be guaranteed it is a policy of CAPS that Staff will not answer any therapy related questions via email to preserve the confidential nature of therapy services.

When CAPS staff respond to email of a clinical nature they will do so through Filelocker,, which is a secure message communication system created for Purdue University. CAPS staff will send a brief message to you through email informing you that a secure message is waiting for you in Filelocker.

We cannot guarantee a same day response to your email.

If you are having a non-life threatening emergency, please call CAPS at (765) 494-6995 or walk-in during regular business hours, Monday-Friday. For after-hours emergencies, call CAPS at (765) 494-6995, option 1, or call 9-1-1.