Summer Internships

We encourage you to talk with your academic advisor about earning departmental internship credits so that you can obtain credit for the experience and list it on your transcript. 

Students also can earn credit for taking classes while they do their summer internship. In fact, many students take up to nine credit hours of online coursework during their internship. More than 200 unique online classes are being offered this summer — a few popular options are listed below. 

Summer Internship Plus

The Summer Internship Plus scholarship provides Purdue undergraduate students completing off-campus summer internships up to $1,000 towards tuition and fees when enrolled in 6+ credit hours.  

Popular Online Courses

  • CLCS 23500 — Introduction to Classical Mythology
  • COM 11400 — Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • ECON 25100 — Microeconomics
  • ENGL 10600 — First-Year Composition
  • ENGL 49000 — Worksite Internship Practicum
  • ENTR 46000 — Internship and Career Preparation Seminar
  • HONR 19903 — Interdisciplinary Approaches in Writing
  • PHYS 17200 — Modern Physics
  • PHYS 24100 — Electricity and Optics
  • PSY 12000 — Elementary Psychology
  • SOC 10000 — Introductory Sociology
  • STAT 35000 — Introduction to Statistics
  • TLI 11200 — Foundations of Organizational Leadership

Internship Resources



  • Purdue University

    Pathmaker Internship Program

    The Pathmaker Internship Program provides an innovative approach for corporations to achieve short-term goals while attracting top-tier employees. We welcome companies from all industries that are interested in employing student interns from among the 120-plus majors at Purdue.  Learn more at their website