Summer Internships

We encourage you to talk with your academic advisor about earning departmental internship credits so that you can obtain credit for the experience and list it on your transcript. 

Students also can earn credit for taking classes while they do their summer internship. In fact, many students take up to nine credit hours of online coursework during their internship. More than 200 unique online classes are being offered this summer — a few popular options are listed below. 

Popular Online Courses

Internship Resources



  • Purdue University

    Pathmaker Internship Program

    The Pathmaker Internship Program provides an innovative approach for corporations to achieve short-term goals while attracting top-tier employees. We welcome companies from all industries that are interested in employing student interns from among the 120-plus majors at Purdue.  Learn more at their website.

  • College of Education

    Undergraduate Research Opportunities

    You have the chance to take part in cutting-edge research projects that shape the way teachers teach and students learn.  Learn more at their website.

  • Office of Future Engineers

    Co-Ops and Internships

    Get ready for your future!  Learn more at their website

  • Human Development and Family Studies

    Internships and Student Teaching

    This opportunity is only open to students who are majoring in Human Services or Developmental & Family Science.  Students must take a pre-internship course (HDFS 45400) in which secure their internship placement with faculty oversight.  Learn more at their website

  • College of Pharmacy

    Internship Database

    Search from the College of Pharmacy's Internship Database at their  website

    College of Pharmacy Employment

    Learn more about helpful pharmacy related links and campus resources at their website.

    Research Programs

    Research programs in the College of Pharmacy are located within the College's three departments. In addition to the departmental research programs, some of the College's faculty also participate in specialized research centers, some of which are interdisciplinary, inter-departmental, or inter-college as well as involve a consortium of research institutions.  Learn more at their website.

  • Computer Graphics Technology

    Information for students can be found at their  website

    Construction Management Technology

    Information for students can be found at their  website.

    Engineering Technology

    Information for students can be found at their  website.

  • College of Science

    Find an Internship or Research Experience

    Learn more at their  website